Lessons & Policies

lesson_liveStudying and playing a musical instrument is one of the most constructive ways to educate and challenge a young mind. Performing on an instrument improves every facet of human intelligence  by developing skills in kinetics, emotional and interpersonal awareness, listening, communicating and cultivates a greater appreciation of the arts.

Our goal is to “Provide Students with the Skills they need to Enjoy Music for a Lifetime“.  We take great pride in providing our students with the best possible experience when they visit our schools.  Please observe the below policies to make the most of your lessons.

Our Policies

  • Students are allowed one (1) make-up lesson per calendar semester.  Makeups may be scheduled at the convenience of both the instructor & the student.
  • Students are not permitted to “credit” missed lessons toward future semesters.
  • Lessons at our facilities are typically one half hour in duration.  All students should come prepared and on time to get the most from their session(s).
  • Try to arrive 10 mins before your lesson.  We offer a spacious comfortable area to wait in while you prepare for your lesson.  This is often a good time to prepare any questions you may have for your instructor.
  • Our rooms are open where parents  of younger musicians are encouraged to watch and even engage our instructors.

For a copy of our Policies – please click here